The energy revolution is growing!

In just over 250 years, humans have achieved a level of global technological advancement that rivals any other time in history. To keep pace with this phenomenal achievement, the energy harnessed to make this revolution possible and sustainable is about to change.

Legislators and regulators in both the state and federal government have seen the writing on the wall and have proactively affirmed a commitment to increase the use of climate friendly, sustainable energy to meet our growing demand for renewable power.

 25% by 2025!

Vermont is at the forefront of this vital transition. Along with many other states across the country, Vermont has adopted an energy efficiency objective that aims to reduce the use of fossil fuels in the state by 25%, by the year 2025.

Studies have unequivocally shown that in order to achieve this goal, 57% of the sustainable energy needed to replace the use of fossil fuels will have to come from crop biomass; specifically grass biomass.

The remainder will be made up through a combination of sources including wood biomass at less than 25%, and other renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydro, geo-thermal and others.

Renewable Energy Resources Is Revolutionizing The Biomass Energy Market

From Field to Flue, Renewable Energy Resources is helping customers transition their heating systems to biomass by providing solutions for each step of the process. RER is the only biomass solutions company providing multi-fuel options. If it’s biomass, our boilers can burn it. We’re committed to helping customers source fuel within a 30 mile radius of the burn site to reduce green-house gas emissions.

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