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    You can burn grass biomass in straw, chopped and pelletized forms.

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    At heights of 6ft, switchgrass is a fast growing perennial that recoups its carbon footprint within 12 months.

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    Our mobile crop biomass compactor speeds up fuel processing and travels everywhere.

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Wood or Grass?
At Renewable Energy Resources we're committed to providing customers with the option to burn wood and grass. Learn more.
Switchgrass Is Truly Carbon Neutral
With biomass, concerns have been raised about the carbon neutrality of some forms. Learn why switchgrass is truly carbon neutral.
Burn Raw Materials
Multi-fuel boilers can be configured to burn raw materials like chopped straw. Learn More.

The Multi-Fuel Biomass Experts

Biomass is more than just wood. At Renewable Energy Resources we help customers source the best biomass fuel and burn options to meet their current and future needs.

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